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Enjoy Forest Bathing Expeditions

Rhizome Roots Studio now provides Walks in the Woods. Michigan harbors abundant hiking trails, ideal for foraging and forest bathing. Participants will explore the wonderful world of the woods and wetlands. Hikes range from one to two hours in length, and typically cover two to five miles, depending on terrain and travel speed. Events are planned for May 11 and 25, June 8 and July 13. Visit Rhizome Roots on Facebook for the times and locations.

            Hikers should come prepared with sturdy hiking shoes, appropriate durable clothing (layers are best), drinking water if desired and an open and quiet mind. They also host events such as dance series classes, cooking classes, women's yoga and qigong classes, social events and more.

            Rhizome Roots Studio values the health and safety of participants. They assume their own responsibility for their health and safety; Rhizome Roots Studio and affiliates are not liable for any injuries, illnesses or incidents associated with this event. Rhizome Roots Studio does not accept any liability for the loss or damage of any personal belongings or damage to any vehicles related to these events.

Events are free; donate at Venmo@RhizomeRootsStudio. For more information, email [email protected] or visit