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Every Family Has a Constellation

Patricia Yiu, a certified life coach, a Family Constellations facilitator, spiritual guide, channeler and intuitive, helps spiritual women and lightworkers activate more confidence, purpose and prosperity. She is also a master of the Universal Energy of Money activation series; the Power of Purpose activation series; and the Evolutionary Ascension series.

            Family Constellations therapy was created by Dr. Berth Hellinger in the 1980s to resolve known and unknown trauma and patterns from the family and ancestors that are keeping individuals stuck in life. Clients gain clarity about their own sense of self; a deeper understanding and appreciation for parents and ancestors; a chance for forgiveness and release of resentment toward family members; freedom to stop carrying other people’s burdens and expectations; and the ability to choose a more authentic life.

Yiu offers a complimentary 30-minute follow-up session after 15 days. For more information, call 248-662-7236, email [email protected] or visit