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WhiteCrow Releases Book, Leads Workshop

Barbra WhiteCrow, owner of Mother Bear Sanctuary Pinckney, will release a new book, Trauma Can Be the Fertilizer To Your Bloom: They Tried To Bury Us, But They Forgot We Are Seeds, on August 8, which includes a free, online, three-week, live workshop on how nature heals trauma from 7 to 8:30 p.m., August 14 to 28.

            She says, “The dream is that you use this book to metabolize the trauma, step into your true powerful self and be a living demonstration of what is possible. Everyone can be a lighthouse, and everyone has a purpose. After working with hundreds of people, I know this to be a fact. If someone is just a tiny bit willing to grow, a tiny bit willing to be kind to themselves and a tiny bit willing to face the hard stuff, the harmonizing principle, nature, grace, also known as the divine, will handle the details.”

            WhiteCrow describes trauma as any pain that we do not have the tools, safety or support at the time to heal. “This pain got stuck in your body and psyche.”

For more info, email [email protected].