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Sustainable Chelsea Plank Flooring

Chelsea Plank Flooring manufactures solid hardwood flooring from responsibly harvested timber. Owner David Frame says, “What some fail to understand is the hardwood forests are simply crops with an extended growing cycle. Manufactured from properly and ethically harvested timber, your Chelsea Plank Flooring becomes a carbon sink and properly maintained, your floor, and the carbon sink, can last for several hundred years.”

            Frame started the business in 1989 as a two-man logging operation. He explains, “As a small, family-owned business, we are able to pay attention to the small details that ensure our customers receive the highest quality hardwood flooring available. Simply speaking, new does not always equate to better. Sometimes it is the old ways that are better. For example, one of the special aspects of our company is that we work hard to develop and maintain a personal touch.”

            He advises, “Our hardwood flooring offers a beautiful and unique appearance that is hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. And, as the general public begins to realize how unsustainable and environmentally unsound the current PVC and plywood flooring trends are, we expect demand for quality hardwood flooring to explode.”

Chelsea Plank Flooring is located at 7490 W. Industrial Dr., in Chelsea. For more info, call 734-433-1023 or visit