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Crazy Wisdom Bookstore Evolves

Serving the community for 40 years, Crazy Wisdom Bookstore is reopening soon after closing for a sabbatical on February 15, 2022. They are searching for a full-time manager to spearhead a transformation focused on using on the second floor primarily as a community event space to host events such as meetings, workshops, poetry and storytelling nights, book discussion groups, author events, intuitive and psychic readings, seasonal rituals, salon nights, music nights, drum circles, meditation gatherings and other events it has fostered and hosted over its decades of serving the community.

            Owners Bill Zirinsky and Ruth Schekter say, “There will also be a smaller and more focused bookshop located on a portion of the first floor. The reimagined Crazy Wisdom will have significantly reduced hours of operation of 30 hours a week, spread out over four days.”

Location: 114 S. Main St., Ann Arbor. For more information, call 734-665-2757. To apply for the job, visit