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Glatter Hosts Esoteric Music Show

Curtis Glatter, a veteran Detroit electronic musician, will host the 11th biannual Health and Wellness Drum and Dance Jam on April 1. His group, Troikastra, featuring turntable legend Tenshun and drummer/producer Nathan Hubbard, also has a new CD at, comprising seven studio pieces and a long live performance recorded over at least the last 10 years.

            The trio creates kaleidoscopic music from samples, 16 rpm turntables and modular synths for fans of musique concrete, plunderphonics and skipping exotica records. The release of this active, playful music is set up on Bandcamp as a pre-order, grab a CD or just get digital files.

Watch a video at For more information, call 734-972-6098, email [email protected] or visit