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Remove Self-Doubt and Fear with Nu Mindset

Dr. Kelly Tatarelli-Mullins, the owner of Nu Mindset, is a psychologist and women’s empowerment coach. She specializes in helping women step into their power by removing the barriers of low self-worth and self-limiting beliefs. She offers a three-month and six-month, one-on-one virtual coaching package filled with insight, support and encouragement to help her clients break free from their own obstacles. She says, “This is a wraparound coaching service to help you to achieve personal greatness with an action plan designed just for you that really works!”

            Her 25-year-plus career includes, among other roles, program development, lecturer, consultant and supervisor. She also has an extensive knowledge base in substance use disorder and recovery.

            The doctor’s passion is to help her clients remove the barriers of self-doubt and fear, and replace them with self-confidence and achievement. Her innate ability helps to turn dreams into reality. She has been an inspiration to the many personal and professional individuals that she has helped through the years to find their way to their highest self and greatest aspirations.

Free 20-minute consultation. For more information, call 810-522-7419, or email [email protected].