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Colon Cleansing Fundamentals

Many people present persistent digestive issues such as bloating, gas, abdominal pain and constipation due to stomach infections, bacterial overgrowth, lack of fiber, gynecological disorders, overeating, eating too fast, food intolerances, certain medications, fluid retention, chronic disorders or processed food, which may be alleviated by colon cleansing.

            Every part of the colon tissue has a specific function connected to a certain body part or system, so if a part of the colon is weak or filled with toxins, parasite overgrowth or unprocessed food, we may experience imbalances in these body parts or systems and vice versa. That is why colon cleansing and overall detoxification programs are helpful in the repair and restoration of not just the colon, but the entire body. Although there are no medical studies that prove any benefits to colonics, many people personally attest to their validity.

            Clients should always consult with a trusted medical professional regarding other health problems before receiving treatment. Colonics may alleviate symptoms when medically indicated for issues such as irritable bowel syndrome, food sensitivities, skin rashes, constipation, mood swings, bloating and gas by relieving intestinal autointoxication.

            Intestinal autointoxication occurs when foul material from the intestines, especially in the presence of constipation, reabsorbs back into the bloodstream via the microbiome, making the blood toxic. If the body’s eliminatory organs such as the liver, kidneys, lymph, skin and lungs are not able to handle these blood poisons due to their own toxicity, stagnation and lack of energy, then they keep recycling, and autointoxication and disease may begin to occur. This is why colonics may be helpful to overall health, body, mind and spirit.

            In the 14th century BCE, the Egyptians administered enemas to address health issues caused by colon impurity. Medical practitioners understood the need for the kind of deep colon cleaning that went far beyond daily bowel movements. Our own ancestors administered enemas using hollowed-out reeds and clear river water to flush the colon. More recently, our great-grandparents grew up during a time when enema use was part of a widely accepted wellness regimen for detoxification, vitality and immunity.

            Modern colonic practices were developed in the early 20th century, and this health therapy has endured because it works. Modern science embraces this therapy as technology has improved the comfort of its application, earning mainstream media support.

            Colonics involve a part of the anatomy that many of us are embarrassed to talk about, and as a result, we are needlessly becoming diseased, with some of us even dying prematurely because we do not connect wellness with keeping our colons thoroughly cleansed and healthy.

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