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Mysterious Symptoms on the Rise

Many people are experiencing undiagnosed symptoms like skin itching/burning, often with red skin, while some have new respiratory issues. Head/body aches and digestive upset are also found to come on quickly for some with this mystery condition. For at least 6 percent of Americans, science now shows there is nothing mysterious any longer. This includes those that are aware of being hyper-sensitive to wireless, while many others may have symptoms, but are not aware of the cause, often the case unless diagnosed by holistic M.D.s that are versed on environmental illnesses.

            Since standard medical schools do not train doctors on this type of radiation sickness (EHS), patients are often diagnosed with autoimmune conditions such as fibromyalgia, lupus or even chronic fatigue and prescribed drugs to cope with nerve and muscle pain.  In reality, removing triggers is all it may take; those in the home are easiest to detect and remediate.  Numerous scientific publications have shown evidence that all living organisms, including pets and wildlife, are affected at some level.

            Pulsed EMF radiation has skyrocketed in recent times. Cell phones and ever-increasing cell towers (most now with 5G), in addition to being bombarded with Wi-Fi nearly everywhere, the fifth generation of cellular technology is up to 100 times stronger than 4G. It is already proving to affect many people quicker and in greater numbers than previous generations.  Originally, living nearly one mile from a tower was a safe distance for most; some are now reporting symptoms up to that distance. Typically, the less distance, the greater risk; being in the direct line of sight can be the most hazardous.

            One of the other ubiquitous forms of wireless that most are exposed to (and cannot turn off, like Wi-Fi) are smart meters. The radio frequency (RF) electric smart meters placed on the outside of homes and businesses have been rolled out in most of Northern Michigan for several years. One area public utility had been using power line communicator meters, but is now switching to RF smart meters.

            These use a pulsed electromagnetic radio frequency which can affect the central nervous system. Opting out of the RF smart meter and having the company replace it with a non-transmitting digital version is most often the best option; shielding can be done on the exposed side of the home.

For more info on what may be affecting you or to locate a safe place to stay, call 231-714-0477.