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Create, Nurture and Transform

As we welcome vibrant spring blooms and take in the bright, warm sun this month, we pay tribute to women and acknowledge their imperative place in nurturing our lives. The quality of nurturing permeates both the human and natural world because tending to what we love in each realm can yield abundant rewards, especially over a lifetime.

            Nurturing ourselves and the people around us is a natural expression of our love, and this love is at the root of everything mothers do for their children. They are in most cases the backbone of the family, and although roles have changed greatly over the years since we were children, mothers still remain a constant presence and a caring, nurturing source of strength.

            It’s tough to wrap our heads around how so many of today’s women can juggle a household, work, manage the demands of everyday living and nurture their relationships. The roles available for women have evolved to such a degree that we often think anything is possible. Yet these multiple assignments may increase the stress of daily life, so we must learn new ways to balance these many responsibilities. In this issue, we hope you’ll find solutions for navigating this juggling act and fostering a state of optimal health at every age.

            I urge the nurturing caregivers out there that may be in the throes of their many roles and responsibilities to take time this month to contemplate the present. Remember who you are and what your goals are, but most of all, embody a sense of pride, joy and empowerment within, because you are doing the most important job in the world as you care for and love another. When we open our hearts to those in need, we are continuing the sacred tradition of mothering. Pray, dance and meditate on the light that continues to shine.

            You can probably think of many women that have made a positive impact on your life and inspired you in some way to become a better person. Whether it was your mom, your best friend or your aunt, they were important because they cared. Words cannot express the deep gratitude we feel for this amazing love and guidance. We dedicate this Women’s Wellness edition to all of these special females and celebrate their feminine magnificence!

            Over the years, I have had the best example of nurturing—witnessing my own mother’s relentless love for our family. Mom, you never cease to surprise me, and once again on this Mother’s Day, I will celebrate my love for you. Thank you most importantly for your wisdom—for encouraging me to trust my own instincts and allowing me to make my own mistakes. I think it is the greatest gift I have been able to pass on to my own children. I love you, Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day,

Trina and John

Owners / Publishers